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The vision behind Stellavision

During a visit to Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park in summer 2011, I couldn’t help think to myself, “I could make a life here.”

My name is Paul Stella, and I am the director of communications and alumni relations for the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. I am new to the Rocky Mountain region having relocated to the area in September 2012 from my native upstate New York. Prior to my arrival, I served as director of University News at Rochester Institute of Technology. I’m also proud to call myself an alumnus of RIT, which is where I earned my MBA in 2003.

I love the outdoors, so I feel blessed to have the opportunity to make a life here in Colorado. Combining this new and exciting journey with the interactions I encounter across a diverse and dynamic campus community helps to color my world, and it’s my hope to relay some of that through this forum. My observations can occasionally be quite personal, and it’s my sincerest desire to make that relevant in the lives of my readers.

“So why ‘Stellavision?'” you may ask.  Well, the expression dates back to the start of my professional life while I was still attending college and working in a television newsroom here in Rochester. It was one of the news anchors at that station who, out of fondness for my youthful energy, first coined the term ‘Stellavision.’ Couldn’t think of any better name for my personal blog.



1. Margie Sivret Misiti - July 19, 2009

Very entertaining and usually right on the money….maybe it was the Notre Dame brainwashing that we both got, but I find you funny and informative. Keep it coming!!!

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