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The view beyond 50 August 17, 2014

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I can’t help but count my blessings lately. It’s a radical departure from where I sat even a few months ago, and I am really enjoying how that feels.

Earlier this month, I turned 50. It’s weird to see that number looking back at me and recognize it as my age, but I’m surprisingly okay with it. I’m still crazing the opportunity to act and feel youthful, though I now concede that comes with an increasing measure of aches and pains.

Celebrating a milestone over dinner with the siblings.

Celebrating a milestone over dinner with the siblings.

I also love the wisdom that comes with an expanded portfolio of life experiences. It’s provided me greater acceptance for the realities of how I am personally hard-wired as a human being. I accept that I am who I am.

To commemorate my birthday, I enjoyed a simple celebration highlighted by dinner with my siblings. There was little fanfare but plenty of laughter.

As a gift to myself, I will soon be enjoying an overseas adventure – hiking, biking and kayaking across the beautiful countryside of Croatia. My excitement is growing with each passing day, making it difficult to sit still at times.

And speaking of blessing, I am now a few months into a new job. I became the Promotion Director for the local ABC, FOX and CW affiliates. That includes 13WHAM-TV, the station where I served as a news producer and executive producer many years ago. I like to say this is my homecoming professionally. The work is engaging, and my colleagues – many of whom date back to my previous time at the station – are a treasure. I’m not exaggerating to express that they have restored my faith in humanity.

So life is good again. New challenges will inevitably crop up, but I hope I can always reflect on this point in my life and have faith that many more good days await.



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