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The dance that is life June 5, 2013

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The opportunity to admire the show put on by my garden is one of life's simple joys.

I consider the opportunity to admire the garden one of my life’s simple joys.

With more free time on my hands these days, I’ve become captivated with the drama unfolding in the backyard. On its surface, ‘drama’ may seem a bit overstated, but there’s no denying the range of emotions I experience while engaging in its spectacle.

Garden2The blooms that annually entertain my senses are once again putting forth a magnificent performance. From red to violet, colors that cross the spectrum seem to jockey for position as spring lays a path for the summer season.

Quiet moments on my patio were among the opportunities I craved most during my return from Colorado last month. I had always considered the backyard of my Irondequoit home a sanctuary—my place to observe nature and admire the beautiful landscape. I knew of no better place to reflect on the recent circumstances that ultimately led me home.

There is genuine anticipation on my part for each new flower to reveal and a strong sense of excitement as they reach their peak. Likewise, I confess disappointment that the blossoms must inevitably give way—a sensation that borders on mourning.

I recognize that the performance underway in my garden is simply the dance we know as life. I simply can’t imagine anything more dramatic.



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