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New year and no fear January 6, 2013

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I have never worried about the number 13. Nine years successfully producing newscasts for Rochester’s top-rated ABC affiliate, 13WHAM-TV, detached me from any tendency toward that superstition.NUMBER-13

So I fear not. In fact, I again find myself embracing 13—as in 2013. Compared with the past few years, I’m counting on this one serving up smooth sailing.

Let me say that 2012 was memorable for some very positive reasons. Early in the year I spent two weeks touring the amazing country of New Zealand. What a spectacle! My time down under blessed me with remarkable experiences, and I found great enjoyment in recounting my journey to family and friends through a series of blog posts here on Stellavision.

It’s also the year I accepted the opportunity for a major life transformation. In September I moved west after accepting a job at the University of Colorado Boulder.  There are few places enticing enough for me to consider relocation, but I eventually found myself becoming infatuated with the idea of moving to Colorado.

The first Saturday of 2013 offered up the perfect conditions to enjoy a day skiing at Eldora Mountain Resort.

The first Saturday of 2013 provided perfect conditions to enjoy a day skiing at Eldora Mountain Resort.

The lifestyle here fits me. I spent many beautiful weekends this past fall hiking in the mountains, and I kicked off this year with my first taste of Colorado skiing.

But making such a big change at this time in my life has brought challenges too. Transitioning to a new job in a new town, where nothing is familiar, is hard. So is adjusting to the relative confinement of living in an apartment. And above all, I’m missing people—family and friends who have always been a great support to me. They remain a wonderful source of support, but they are all so many miles away.

Moving to Colorado also hastened the arrival of another difficult milestone—the end to my three-year adoption journey. From the beginning and over the months and years that followed, I spent a lot of time blogging honestly about my experiences as a dad. But I grew silent on the topic in 2012. It became too difficult a story to share.

I still have a sense of the excitement and joy that went into my decision to adopt, and I really did like being a dad. It just didn’t turn out the way I hoped it would. I don’t think I failed as a father, as I fully appreciate the difficult responsibility I took on. But I know in my heart I wasn’t successful either.

Perhaps, over time, something good to result from that experience will be revealed. I really hope so.

But until then, I look ahead with optimism and excitement. I did a lot of heavy lifting last year. Now it’s time to sit back and reap the rewards in 2013.



1. Anthony Capobianco - January 9, 2013

If I ever were to relocate, Colorado (Denver?) is on my short list. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard good things: actual mountains (none of this Appalachian ‘hill’ nonsense – and I am from the Poconos), four seasons, mild but snowy winter, 60+ more days of sun per year than Rochester, reasonable cost of living, and ‘my kind of people’ (professional but laid-back).

However, the Broncos are definitely going to lose to the Ravens this weekend.

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