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Rockin’ the vote in Boulder November 2, 2012

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Politics has always fascinated me to some degree. Having spent a large part of my career working in the TV news industry, I witnessed the anatomy of a lot of local races up close. But now that I live in Colorado, one of the coveted swing states during this year’s presidential election season, it’s been interesting to see national politics dropped at my doorstep.

President Obama brought his reelection bid to Boulder and the University of Colorado campus just days before the 2012 election. Boulder County doesn’t just “lean” Democratic, it’s “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” rock-solid Democratic territory. For that reason, it wasn’t surprising that more than 10,000 supporters filled the Coors Events Center for this campaign rally. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take part in the spectacle, and here’s a sample of what I witnessed.

My coworker Will Hoberg and I joined the crowd in showing our support.

A message that all Americans should be able to agree upon.

The President matched the energy generated by his loyal supporters.

After his address, the President made the rounds to greet supporters.

Unfortunately, this was about as close as I could get, but I’m really glad for the opportunity to be a part of history – no matter how this election turns out.



1. Ellen Shady - November 2, 2012

Paul, How exciting! I would have loved to be there. We miss you in Brown Hall!

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