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Kodak moments—past and future February 9, 2012

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Surreal, but I realize not unexpected. This week we learned that Eastman Kodak will no longer make cameras. Rochester’s hometown company—synonymous throughout the world for photography—will, for generations to follow, NOT be synonymous for photography. It will likely not be synonymous for anything at all.

I look forward to sharing highlights of my upcoming trip to New Zealand with my Kodak Easyshare system.

Following news last month that Kodak is filing for bankruptcy, I realized I had closely witnessed Kodak’s deterioration during more than a decade covering photographic education at RIT. I reflected on that in a post to the University News blog—The Tiger Beat.

Like many Rochester-area natives, I’m sad that the prospects for Kodak’s future have become dimmer than the shadow cast by the company’s State Street tower in the gloom of a mid-December afternoon. Even if the company is to emerge from backruptcy, it will not be as the iconic consumer brand we all cherished. That moment has passed.

But Kodak will remain a part of my life as long as life remains within me. It exists in hundreds of images collected in shoeboxes and photo albums—many that capture family milestones that, as the youngest of five kids, I can only share through photographic prints that predate me. And I know it will exist in the Kodak moments yet to come.

In preparation for an exciting trip to New Zealand, now only two weeks away, I recently purchased a new Kodak Easyshare digital camera. With 16 megapixels and a 5x wide-angle zoom lens, I’m excited about the opportunity to capture the splendor of magnificent scenery that I anticipate awaits me. In turn, my Kodak camera will help illustrate the adventures I plan to share during upcoming Stellavision blog posts.

Above all, I know that Kodak exists in the future of a remarkable ‘company town’ that thrives despite the company’s slow fade. As many have pointed out, Kodak has planted seeds throughout Rochester that have germinated on our local university campuses and in a variety of smaller companies, which all ensure our hometown continues to prosper throughout the 21st century.

Perhaps the cameras are gone, but Kodak’s impact will likely never stop developing.



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