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An action plan for 2012—and beyond January 2, 2012

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Oh, yeah, this is the year the world is supposed to end. And I thought things couldn’t get any worse than they did in 2011. For now, I’ll base my observations on the assumption that civilization will survive.

Today is the final day of my holiday break, and I honestly look forward to resuming my normal routine when the alarm sounds at 6 a.m. tomorrow. There has been ample opportunity to catch up on sleep and reflect on my life—including everything that’s happened over the past year and even what might lie ahead.

The middle months of 2011 were all about Dad. His surgery, hospitalization and eventually passing consumed my family’s activities. The period from May through August was grueling, and ultimately heartbreaking. But friends and the community provided a pipeline of support that sustained each of us throughout—a source of light during some very dark days.

I also struggled tremendously with the perils of parenthood. When not looking after Dad, the remainder of my time was largely focused on helping Austin survive high school and then prepare for success in college. Despite my best efforts, he will not return to campus following the holiday break, and I have no idea what’s next for him. He and I will undoubtedly face some hard decisions ahead.

Clearly 2012 will not be a cakewalk. But following a year that allowed me little time to focus on my personal wellbeing, I resolve to correct that in the year ahead. It’s time to shake things up!

First, I need to resume a regular fitness routine. In addition, I’m anxious to take advantage of some exciting travel opportunities, and I have already had some conversations in that regard. And finally, it’s time to evaluate where I’m at professionally and determine how best to maximize my talents.

Let’s admit it, new-year resolutions are normally an exercise in futility, but I owe it to myself to reject that mindset. I’m counting on the world’s survival well beyond 2012, and I want to make sure I’m ready to tap into whatever it might throw at me. I encourage you to join me in that pursuit.

Happy new year!



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