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Turning the reset ‘Key’ March 14, 2011

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Greetings from Key West! I’m winding down an extended weekend here in my favorite getaway. There’s just something about this two-by-four-mile island that is so thoroughly relaxing yet energizing at the same time.

The famous 'Southernmost Point' in the U.S. monument

As I sit and reflect on my short time away, I find myself recalling an expression that sprang from the aftermath of the 2008-09 stock market crash: “We’re experiencing a reset.” Despite the shock and worry that came over many of us who watched retirement funds cut nearly in half, there still existed opportunity on the horizon for those of us with time to extend our savings. It simply required a shift in perspective.

That expression of a ‘reset’ resonated with me then as it does right now. I don’t need to explain to you the personal toll that result from the day-to-day drumbeat that is life. Demands of my time and energy have been extensive, and the fairly unrelenting nature of this past winter hasn’t helped. As the stresses build, there often seems to be nowhere to escape.

That’s why I decided to jump through a small window of opportunity to make my getaway. The weather during my stay has been perfect

The lighthouse was built in 1847

—plenty of sun and temperatures in the mid 70s. Perfect opportunity to hang by the pool as well as sample the distinctive charm of this tropical paradise.

One of my favorite activities here is to climb the steps of the Key West Lighthouse and peer out as far as the eye can see—scanning boats on the ocean to the streets directly below. It’s ‘uplifting’ in more ways than one.

I know the challenges I left back home will greet me when I return, but hopefully I’ll have the fortitude to not allow them get the upper hand—at least not too soon. It’s human nature, I guess, to let the stress creep its way back in, but the ‘Key’ is to acknowledge when its time to reset, then go ahead and make it happen.

The view from atop the lighthouse



1. Maureen - March 14, 2011

Paul, it sounds like heaven! I could use a trip like that! I’m glad that you were able to get away!

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