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You know not our misery, Seattle March 6, 2011

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I’m still kind of offended just thinking about it. Forbes magazine recently published a list of the Most Miserable Sports Cities, and there was Buffalo at #4. Seriously? In my opinion, it’s another slap in the face to our beleaguered region. I mean, honestly, how can we be anything but #1.

God, I look miserable!

According to the Forbes rankings, Seattle is most miserable. It indicates that Seattle sports fans have endured a total of 111 seasons from its major league franchises and celebrated ‘only one’ champion: the 1979 Sonics. Only one, huh? Makes me want to put on some Nirvana and go drown my sorrows with a nonfat vanilla latte.

When it comes to modern professional championships, we in western New York have celebrated…um, let me think…oh yeah, none! And, of course, when our teams do ultimately go down, they do it spectacularly: “Wide right” (Bills), “In the crease” (Sabres, in triple overtime), and the ever-popular Music City Miracle—the last time the Bills actually made the playoffs (11 years ago!).

Additionally, Buffalo fans are always worried about whether we’ll even hang on to our teams. Remember the Sabres bankruptcy of 2003? If not for Tom Golisano’s rescue, the team would most certainly be elsewhere—depriving us of four less-than-memorable seasons of the ‘Buffaslug.’

And, of course, what will happen to the Bills in a post-Ralph Wilson era? I owned season tickets for three years partly to show support for keeping the team put. I finally decided to give them up—too costly to waste entire Sundays on location being frustrated and/or bored.

You know, our region rarely gets credit for its positive aspects, so at least give us full credit when things really suck. Got that, sports fans?



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