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Mobile technology: My other adoption saga November 28, 2010

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I’ve had opportunities this year to consider which is more stressful—adopting new technology or adopting a teenager. I rarely need much time to select the winner—as it’s always by knockout—but I wanted to share some observations regarding the runner-up.

The Samsung Fascinate

A couple of weeks ago, I took possession of a new Samsung Fascinate—one of the more recent models introduced to the growing array of “smart phones.” The reasons are more professional than personal. Social media is rapidly transforming the public relations arena, and mobile technology is now an essential element of that.

Mastering unfamiliar gadgetry takes time and patience, both of which I have in short supply. It was only a year and a half ago that I switch to my first smart phone—a Blackberry Storm—just days in advance of RIT’s commencement ceremony. The timing proved a bit unfortunate because within 24 hours of her keynote address to our graduates, Ursula Burns was appointed CEO of Xerox Corp.—becoming the first African American woman to lead a Fortune 500 firm. Yeah, that’s big news!

Since her first public appearance to follow word of her promotion would come at commencement, the media wanted access. I remember a coworker telling me that a producer from ABC News, who was interested in discussing coverage of Ms. Burns’ speech, would be calling my cell phone. When that call arrived, I fumbled through the functions of my Blackberry and succeeded in terminating the call before I even picked up. I mean, come on! When World News calls, you answer. Thankfully, I recovered my own fumble, and ABC aired a nice story with great exposure for RIT (Watch it below!).

And now here I am, starting all over again. I never fell in love with my Blackberry, but I felt like we reached some level of compatibility. Mobile access to e-mail and the Internet has made me more productive and accessible outside the office and less reliant on being inside the office (not always a good thing though—I admit). But the life cycle of these smart phones is short, so transitions will likely become more frequent.

My problem is I want to master things right away. Shortly after turning on the Fascinate phone, I realized that getting comfortable with its touch screen would be a hassle. I began practicing “my French” while watching one typo after another appear in front of me. Patience, Paul! Patience!

Thankfully, I am making progress, though barely scratching the surface of the phone’s many features. One thing I like about it is the ability to make simultaneous posts to both Facebook and Twitter. That’s a timesaver. And the camera’s image quality is definitely a step up.

Yep, it’s a mobile world, and I’m doing what I can to keep pace. But I’ll be in no hurry to adopt another phone—or another teenager for that matter—anytime soon.



1. Frank Battaglia - November 30, 2010

I take it you didn’t type this blog entry from your new phone? 🙂

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