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Ready to savor the moment August 15, 2010

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A quiet Sunday morning on the patio always provides a great opportunity for reflection. My mind is working overtime as I consider the life-changing week ahead. In just four short days, Austin will officially become my son.

Spiffed up in preparation for his senior year of high school - courtesy of RIT University News photographer Sue Weisler

The finalization hearing that takes place on Thursday is, in my mind, really just a formality—but it’s an important one. For Austin, it represents the end to a lifetime of instability. He’s even told me as much. He’s had so much disappointment in his life, so it’s difficult for him to let go of the fear that something could go wrong—that one more bond could be severed. No chance, kid!

For me, the finalization is a chance to celebrate the leap of faith that brought Austin into my life. And it’s an opportunity to do so in the presence of family and friends. I suspect the reality of that will be quite emotional.

Thursday will be extra special because it is also the day Austin turns 17. Having learned last month that the hearing was scheduled on his birthday, I shared my excitement with my attorney’s legal assistant. “Oh, I’m getting goose bumps,” she said realizing the coincidence.

Next Saturday, our family and some of our friends and biggest supporters will gather to commemorate this dual milestone. I’m hoping it becomes a source of lifelong memories, and I look forward to sharing some of them with you here.

There will still be quite a few logistics to be worked out once Austin is my son—particularly associated with his legal name change. But I’m going to try very hard for now to not worry about that too much. I think it’s probably best for he and I to just savor the moment.



1. Maureen - August 15, 2010


I am so happy and excited for you and Austin! Please give Austin a birthday hug from me, and I will be thinking of both of you on that special day!

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