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A summer’s stroll down the avenue August 8, 2010

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Tens of thousands take in the sights and sounds of the Park Avenue Festival

I return nearly every year—the first full weekend in August. And I’m never alone—far from it. It’s the number one reason why I keep coming back.

The bubble guy

The Park Avenue Festival is raging this weekend, and I enjoyed the opportunity to take it all in yesterday. I believe above all other seasonal observances and activities, no other represents the celebration of summer in Rochester better than Park Ave. No other attracts such a diverse spectacle. (Democrat and Chronicle coverage)

Park Ave. Fest is best shared with friends, and I am fortunate in that regard. As in years past, I connected with Bryan and Rebecca Hensel. Many times the festival represents an opportunity for Byran and me to acknowledge our birthday (Aug. 1), but not so much this year. Rebecca’s brother Scott made the trip out from Utica to join us, and friends Steve Schwab and Mike O’Connor were also along for the ride. The festival is somewhat bittersweet for the latter two—as Steve prepares to move to Washington, D.C., and Mike to Los Angeles.

Park Avenue’s top activity? People watching—of course! While strolling the avenue, I barely took notice of the 400 or so vendors. That said, I suspect they did just fine despite my inattentiveness. I was slightly disappointed that the “freak meter” seemed a bit low this year. Where was that loser wrapped in the boa constrictor? Maybe we just didn’t cross paths this year.

Pat, far left, and Jon, far right, as Trapper Keeper

At the invitation of friends of Bryan, Rebecca and Steve’s, our gang was able to take position at a private residence along Park Ave. It’s a great location for watching the world pass by. Later in the afternoon, I ventured off on my own to hear some friends performing in a band. Jon Rodibaugh and Pat Tehan are members of an 80s pop cover band called Trapper Keeper. As I told Jon later, “Love the song selection, hate the popped collars.”

The festival spans about a two-mile stretch of Park Avenue, so obviously there is a lot of ground to cover—not to mention the distance from where most visitors have to park their cars. Yep, I spent a lot of time on my feet, and my legs felt pretty sore in the end—but I couldn’t ‘stand’ to miss all the fun!

The gang--Steve, Bryan, Rebecca, Mike, Scott and me



1. Steve Schwab - August 8, 2010

What a great day it was…and you captured it perfectly!

2. Tracy Davidson - August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday

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