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Summer memories July 8, 2010

Posted by paulstella in Uncategorized.

Is it just me or is there something inherently nostalgic about a good, old-fashioned heat wave? As I sit at home this week on vacation, preparing for our 4th consecutive day of temperatures in the 90s, I simply can’t help but reminisce.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are days spent under the summer sun. I grew up in the country, but there was no shortage of kids around me who were anxious to organize a game of softball, four square or kick-the-can (I imagine the latter would be a bizarre concept to kids today). And the nearby playground offered a range of activities, including arts and craft and occasional field trips.

I can still see my dad shooting off fireworks on the 4th of July and I remember picking corn from the neighbor’s farm across the street to enjoy at family cookouts. And, as summer really settled in, I could always count on the locust and cicadas to provide that familiar soundtrack of the season.

But this week, as I watch the temperature rise each day, I remember one summertime activity most fondly. When things got really hot, I would meticulous monitor conditions—taking hourly observations from a thermometer nailed to the back of our family’s garage. Then, I would walk inside to the kitchen and post the temperature for each hour (maybe even the half hour) on a marker board hanging on the refrigerator.

I hoped more than anything I would eventually post 100° on the board, but it never happened. I remember it reaching as high as 98° during my observations. I may have even embellished a 99° reading once or twice.

But what I remember most were the times I’d get distracted or go off to play with friends. I’d rush home to resume my duties only to find that mom had me covered. Everything was up to date, and it made me smile to realize that she shared in my interest.

Memories have such great value. For me, it’s realizing the sheer simplicity of the reflections I hold most dear. Maybe that’s the most important lesson we can all harvest this summer while cultivating a whole new crop of memories.



1. Tracy Davidson - July 8, 2010

Love your stories they make my day. I can read about another persons struggles and good times and really appreciate my own.

2. Frank Battaglia - July 8, 2010

Man, what a delightful, fun and unique memory! Thanks for taking me back to Leroy in the (*ahem*) 1970s!

paulstella - July 8, 2010

Yeah, forgot to mention that I was making these observations in my leisure suit, Frank. 🙂

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