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Awaiting departure February 6, 2010

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As you can see, connecting through Detroit is a good thing today

“Are you still coming?” asked Austin as we spoke on the phone this morning.

“Of course I’m still coming, kid!”

His concern is understandable. The latest “Storm of the Century” is creating havoc in the mid-Atlantic region, and apparently the snowfall is reaching as far west as Kentucky. Thankfully, I’m connecting through Detroit, which appears to be unaffected. I assured him that, so far, things were looking good. Hopefully conditions will hold up in Lexington.

As I sit here now awaiting my flight out of Rochester, the gate attendant is announcing the need for a volunteer to give up a seat. The reward is a $400 flight voucher. Are you kidding me? Any other time I would have jump on this. But I haven’t seen my son in 5 weeks, and I’m not inclined to delay this any further.

I’m still not entirely sure why it’s taken this long to accommodate Austin’s placement into my care. Paperwork completed in Kentucky and approved in Albany was then ‘overnighted’ to Monroe County on Jan. 18. And apparently that’s where it sat! Again, I still don’t know why. But after a series of phone calls on my part earlier this week, some very good people were able to clear up the bottleneck.

So soon a new chapter of my life will get underway. I expect to be spending a lot of time over the next several hours looking down at the world below and wondering what’s in store.

Austin and I will return to Rochester late Monday. That’s probably about the time the ‘wondering’ will end.



1. Anne M. Canale Stalnecker - February 6, 2010

First of all, you and Austin stay safe in your travel to Kentucky and back to NY. Second, I couldn’t help thinking that the “Storm of the Century” adds MORE drama to your story (hope you are keeping notes in addition to this blog!). Take care of yourself & Austin. I’ll be praying for you….

2. Tricia (Williams) Ziegler - February 6, 2010

Everytime I read “Stellavision” it brings a smile to my face. Not nearly the smile, however, that I’m sure will be on Austin’s face when he knows that you have arrived to take him back to his “forever” home!
Relish your trip back to Rochester (even if it includes airport delays and lost luggage) because this trip, no doubt, is the trip of your lifetime!! Not to mention a certain young man’s!!
Warm wishes,

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