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The waiting is the hardest part January 23, 2010

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Only having known me several weeks, it wasn’t difficult for Austin to figure me out. I hardly intended to hide anything from him during this critical stage in our relationship, and admittedly I can be pretty transparent about my emotions and feelings anyway.

“You need to be more patient,” he asserted. The observation was in response to my obvious frustration trying to navigate through traffic on our way back to Kentucky. Of course, he was right. I already knew I was wearing my impatience on my face and in my body language (and I was no doubt sighing too).

I'm not the only one anxious for Austin's return.

So here it is, three weeks later, and I find myself growing impatient again. More than anything I want my son back home with me, but our future together remains tied to paperwork winding its way through governmental bureaucracy. Not to worry—everything is fine. I had already known not to believe predictions that “it should only take a couple weeks,” but I’m hoping now it doesn’t become a couple of months.

Thankfully, I’m not alone. I understand my young nieces are also very much looking forward to Austin’s return. You may recall that I mentioned he made quite an impression on the girls during his visit here for the holidays. I was particularly touched to see that one of them wrote about him for a school assignment.

Austin and I talk on the phone two or three times a week and exchange a few text messages almost daily. I always want to know what going on with him, but he’s usually quick to turn and ask about me, about the family, and about the Sabres (but usually after he’s done gloating about his undefeated Kentucky Wildcats basketball team). He is in such great spirits and seems to be using his time well preparing for this major transition in his life.

I’m still hoping very much to get the call this week to come pick him up next weekend. In the meantime, I’m doing everything I can to prepare for this return. His bedroom is finally ready, and at some point I need to tackle a stack of paperwork that’s required for his registration at Eastridge High School.

But mostly I spend time thinking about what the future will be like—sharing day-to-day life activities together and hopefully plenty of adventures along the way too. So yes, Tom Petty, the waiting IS the hardest part. But I’m counting on another cliché holding true—that good things come to those who wait.



1. Karlee - January 23, 2010

thanks for putting me in your story.still using my pens

2. Anne M. Canale Stalnecker - January 23, 2010

Hi Paul,
You definitely need to write a book about your experience. You are so eloquent with your words–and the emotion just pours out. I envy your ability!

I’m praying for you and Austin and hope to see you at the next Knights of Columbus breakfast with our Dads!
Anne Canale

3. Becky - January 28, 2010

Awe, I will have to show the girls they made Stella Vision. We will keep you in our prayers that the call shoudl come soon, hopefullly not during a raging snowstorm!

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