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Christmas with Austin December 25, 2009

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This has never been my favorite holiday, but that may have changed today. Austin is redefining the spirit of the holiday for me and, as you will see, he is quickly becoming a source of pure joy for my family.

Goofing around with my Dad on Christmas Eve

Gearing up for the Sabres game on New Years Day

Obviously a little happier about the UK basketball championship banner

And then came the Play Station 3...

Yep, we have a winner!!

Thumbs up for the PS3!

Hangin' with 'Uncle' Mickey

Okay, so I don't rock the elf hat quite like Mickey

Finally meeting cousin Lori

Joined by fellow Lapp cousins Mike and Kim

Karlee and Kelsey make it official, Austin is a huge hit with the younger female contingent of the Stella family, but the David Archuleta look-alike therory is officlally debunked

Uncle Mickey and Aunt Kathy have already been a great source of support

Even the dogs love him. Of course the cake doesn't hurt his appeal.

Hopping in the car to head home, I told him, "You could not have made me more proud today!" What a Christmas!



1. Frank Battaglia - December 25, 2009

Now THAT, my friend, is extremely cool. Talk about pictures being worth a thousand words. Merry Christmas.

2. Maureen - December 28, 2009


I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and comments about your family Christmas experience with Austin! I think you and Austin are a perfect fit!!!! I really enjoyed meeting him yesterday! Happy New Year to you and Austin, and I hope to see you soon!

3. Steve Schwab - December 28, 2009

Paul – wow – I am so happy for you…we have so much to catch up on. I can’t wait to meet him!

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