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Thankful for what I have—and what’s to come November 22, 2009

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This is probably the first time I’ve sat down to make a Stellavision post without a clue of where it’s going. I only know that Thanksgiving is this Thursday, and it has me feeling a bit reflective. Let’s see where it takes me.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Reflecting on Thanksgivings past, I’m reminded of a few uncomfortable moments. It usually happens when somebody says the following: “Let’s go around the table and mention what we’re thankful for.” It’s weird because I have so much to be thankful for but, unfortunately at that moment, I tend to ponder on what I regret. It’s difficult to admit that, but I suspect many of you can sympathize.

2009 has been an interesting year for me. I’ve focused a lot of effort on addressing a void in my life that has made those moments uncomfortable. I’m excited for what the future may hold in that regard, but I regret not being in a position to share some perspective on that with you now. That said, I enter this holiday season optimistic about what 2010 has in store.

Recently I described my “leap of faith” 10 years ago that led me to quit my job and move west. I mentioned how, in a bizarre way, it opened me up to some amazing opportunities back here in Rochester and to the life I enjoy today.

Allow me to offer this: On Thursday, as you think about what you’re thankful for, do not fear what makes you uncomfortable. Embrace it—and prepare yourself to do something about it! I’m not naïve enough to think that come without consequences—but think big picture. Think long term. What ultimately make you happy, in most cases, will be in the best interest of everyone connected to you.

Listen, it’s time to ‘power down’ a bit. This has been another stressful year for everyone, I dare say, so let’s put all that stress aside for now. Enjoy the embrace of family and friends and reflect on everything that makes our lives a precious gift.

But most of all, let’s resolve to address the issues that stand in the way of the life we most desire. Do that, and I’ll be looking forward to comparing notes with you next Thanksgiving.



1. Margie Sivret Misiti - November 23, 2009

Well said Paul! I hope 2010 brings you more “comfort” and less “uncomfort”. You definatly will get the best! Happy Thanksgiving!

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