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Can somebody make heads or tails of this for me? October 30, 2009

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Fire exit1Prior to this Sunday’s Bills home game, I’ll make my customary walk from the west lot of Erie Community College to Ralph Wilson Stadium. In doing so, I will pass underneath what remains one of the most baffling sights of my lifetime. Can you see it? It’s a “handicap fire exit” from a suspended walkway—one of two that I’m aware of on the ECC campus.

Now maybe I need to put this in the same category as, “In the unlikely event of a water landing…” But if this is truly an evacuation route for ECC students, faculty and staff, how exactly are physically challenged individuals supposed to navigate this? Does an inflatable slide activate as the door is opened? Based on the poor physical condition of the campus, I’m guessing that’s not the case.

In preparing to document this last month, I paused to let a couple walk past so not to include them in the photo. “Just taking a picture of my favorite emergency exit,” I said. Without missing a beat, the guy replies to me deadpan, “Yeah? With or without parachute?” I guess it’s NOT just me.



1. Pete - November 10, 2009

Paul, as an alum of ECC [yeah the south campus at that] I too was confused by this mind boggling site. It is amazing how even students, faculty and staff on campus pay no mind to this elusive death trap of an evacuation route. With the crippling state of the campus I suppose it may be a future thought as to how long this ‘suspension’ bridge will actually be suspended. Thus, offering an easy exit once it lands on the crumbling concrete path below.

It is hard to understand the full logic behind this odd campus. But this is just my theory.

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