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Bills fans cheer change to free coffee promotion October 11, 2009

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) – Bowing to pressure from increasingly agitated customers from across upstate New York, operators of the Tim Hortons restaurant chain have announced plans to adjust a popular promotional partnership with the Buffalo Bills.

Its been nearly a month since Bills fans were able to redeem this coupon for free coffee at Tim Hortons.

Its been nearly a month since Bills fans were able to redeem this coupon for free coffee at Tim Hortons.

As part of its Monday Morning Blitz campaign, Tim Hortons has reduced the scoring requirement it places on the National Football League franchise during home contests at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Fans attending any Sunday home game can now redeem a coupon the following day for a free medium-size coffee as long as the Bills score a minimum of two field goals. Previously, the restaurant mandated Buffalo score two touchdowns to activate the promotion.

Yesterday’s 6-3 defeat to the Cleveland Browns, regarded by many as the worst professional football team heading into Week 5 of the NFL season, was the second consecutive home game that the Bills failed to meet the two touchdown threshold, making it nearly a month since fans were rewarded with free coffee. An outcry by unruly season ticket holders prompted the company to enact the change.

“We never dreamed the Bills could be this pathetic,” said Donald Schroeder, president and CEO of Tim Hortons. “I’m used to watching the Toronto Argonauts run up and down the field during CFL (Canadian Football League) contests. It didn’t seem like two touchdowns was really asking for all that much.”

Schroeder went on to say that any combination of scoring options that gets the Bills to six points or higher per home game will now activate the promotion. “Hell, score three safeties for all I care. It’s not like giving away cups of coffee is wreaking havoc on our bottom line.”

Members of the Bills organization were quick to endorse the change. Head coach Dick Jauron said his team’s inability to produce sufficient offense was negatively impacting his Monday morning routine.

“Trent (Edwards, Bills quarterback) and I looked forward to enjoying our free coffee while analyzing game footage,” he stated. “Sometimes we’d even splurge a little and buy a pumpkin spice muffin to share. Delicious.”

Paul Stella, a Bills season ticket holder from Rochester, also lamented the lack of free Monday morning coffee. In addition, he pointed to the loss of entertainment he received while presenting his coupon at Tim Hortons on those rare occasions the Bills scored two touchdowns or more.

“Almost every time, the clerk would look at the coupon, then look at me like I had two heads, then call over the manager to help administer my winnings,” recalled Stella. “Usually the manager would ask, ‘Did you enjoy the game?’ And I’d say, ‘Not as much as I enjoy free coffee!’ Oh, how we’d laugh. God, I miss that.”

Stella acknowledged that changing the promotion to require two field goals instead of two touchdowns still wouldn’t  guarantee free coffee for he and his fellow Bills fans.

“They (the Bills) only mustered three points against the frickin’ Browns yesterday. Guess I better replenish my supply of instant.”

Tim Hortons confirmed the scoring requirement change will be in effect for the Bills next home game Nov. 1 against the Houston Texans.




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