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My Preseason of Discontent September 5, 2009

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Got my game face on for another brutal season of Bills football.

Got my game face on for another brutal season of Bills football.

(Warning: The following blog post is dripping with intense sarcasm. Proceed at your own risk.)

And so, it’s Labor Day weekend. Summer’s last gasp. That always brings about mixed feelings. I love summer and hate to see it leave, but I love fall too. The RIT campus is coming back alive and, of course, it’s ‘football season.’ Well, as for the latter, I should say that’s true for fans of NFL teams other than the Buffalo Bills.

On Thursday, I cashed in several hours of my life to attend the final preseason football game at the Ralph. You probably don’t need me to explain how dismal it was. Most of this year’s starters didn’t once take the field. That’s understandable considering Trent Edwards and company are clearly heading into the regular season hitting on all cylinders. (Please refer to above warning.)

Jon and me--all smiles prior to kickoff

Jon and me--all smiles prior to kickoff

Thank God for my buddy Jon Rodibaugh. A native of the Detroit-area, Jon allowed a twinge of nostalgia to get the better of him. He decided to accompany me on the trip to Orchard Park to witness this bore-fest against the Lions. He’s good company and knows how to make me laugh—important qualities during times like these.

Anyway, Thursday turned out to be a gorgeous evening, so if nothing else it was a good opportunity to sample the location of my season tickets. In fact, I got to meet my new ‘neighbors.’ A very nice older couple introduced themselves to Jon and me as Mary and Joseph. “Wow, that’s my parents name,” I said. I then proceed to tell them, for some reason, about a college friend who would send home Christmas greetings to my parents and me—addressed to Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. I’m pretty sure they picked up the humor in that.

Anyway, I’m a little concerned that Mary is going to be a tad chatty. That has the potential to really grate on me if it happens during the games, particularly when the Bills are losing, which is expected to be quite often. On the other hand, at least I don’t expect her to be falling down drunk and spill beer on me. Who knows, maybe Mary’s just full of surprises.

Back on the field, a full quarter of buffoonery ended in a scoreless tie. “That may have been the worst 15 minutes of football I’ve ever seen,” said Jon. To which I replied, “I’m not sure any football was actually played.” I just thought it sounded insulting at the time, which is what I was going for. Just trying to build up my armor in preparation for the season ahead.

Sunset at the Ralph

Sunset at the Ralph

We left for home midway through the third quarter. The Bills eventually lost, but I couldn’t even tell you the score. I just know it was the second straight game they failed to score a touchdown. So, the next day, they fired their offensive coordinator. Yeah, it’s a tremendous illustration of how to head into the new season on a strong note.

But, hey, the experience wasn’t all bad. Check out the beautiful sunset! And, remember Bills fans, the sun WILL come out tomorrow. But would somebody be kind enough to remind me of that from time to time?



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