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Oh no! It’s time for The T.O. Show July 19, 2009

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My Bills season tickets arrived in the mail this weekend. It’s hard to believe another football season is less than two months away. It’s almost as hard to believe that I’ve decided to put myself through it again. Each season, after all, the Bills find some increasingly spectacular way to disappoint.

TO_otherEnter our latest foil, Terrell Owens. There’s no telling what impact the talented, but often troubled, wide receiver will have on the team’s misfortunes this year. Admittedly, I’ve done an about-face on the topic since my first blog post about his arrival in Buffalo back in March. My early dismay eventually transformed into ambivalence, and now it’s something approaching excitement. Don’t get me wrong, I still expect the Bills to disappoint, but at least they’ll be far more entertaining in the process.

So for fans like me looking to wet their appetite, we now have The T.O. Show premiering this Monday on VH1. Earlier in the week, I happened to catch an article in the Buffalo News by TV critic Alan Pergament which indicates the debut episode is available for viewing online. So I watched.

Buffalo_Bills_logoThe program appears to be an exploration of a dual personality—T.O., the cartoon character who (in one of my favorite moments of all time) cried about the media scrutiny directed at “my quarterback” in a post-game interview; and Terrell Owens, an actual human being who appears to have genuine affection for friends and family. The opening episode begins as Owens is cut by Dallas and then picked up by the Bills two days later. There are some benign references to cold and snow, but very little of the debut focuses on Buffalo. That appears to come in later episodes.

All in all, I have to admit I kind of got a kick out the show, even found myself genuinely smiling at parts. So with The T.O. Show beginning, and Big Brother in full swing, my summer TV viewing is really looking up.

Almost no reason to leave the house—that is until football season arrives. 🙂



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