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Countdown to Election 2010 July 2, 2009

Posted by paulstella in Uncategorized.

Who else has a job where you’re allowed to get away with this kind of crap? I’m referring to the buffoonery that continues in Albany related to our shameful New York state government.Republican-vs-Democrat

Three weeks of the impasse that constipates the state senate, where two political parties do nothing more than vie for power, and legislators continue to insult their constituents by providing mere lip service as to the need to set differences aside and get back to the people’s business.

You don’t need me to point out the hypocrisy. Career politicians on both sides of the aisle care little about the dire state of New York and its people. Let’s face it, if they did, they would have move past the pettiness by now and actually found a way to work together. There’s a nutty concept, I know.

It’s time we in New York see our elected officials for what they are—career politicians in need a career change. Frankly, I think every statewide elected official should resign at the end of his or her term. Realizing that’s won’t happen, its time voters start imposing term limits—throw out the incumbents regardless of legislative body or political party.

I know that I’m just voicing the same frustration that all New Yorkers are expressing, but it’s time to turn words into action. We can do this! Election Day 2010 is 488 days away.



1. Jenn - July 2, 2009

I’m with you!

So now what? Really. Now what? Isn’t there something we can do at this point? Or do we really have to just stand by and watch them fling shit at each other?

Calling them does nothing. Writting them does nothing.

Any ideas?

Thank you for your post!

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